My name is Kat and I am in my late 20’s, still figuring out life. I am the type of person that people could not easily narrate to because I am a very complex person. Some may say I am full of life and seems to be happy always, but little do these people know that when I get home, I just stay in my room, living in my own little world, as if people outside did not exist; in other words, I am an Ambivert.

I actually do a lot of things, like in general, working on different hobbies, because well the Gemini that I am (even if I can be dull at times), spontaneity is still important in my daily life. Give me a single task to do and I will loathe you forever (nah just kiddin’). As most of you knew (especially close ones), you know I started out as a graphic and web designer, but recently I have been eyeing on writing (my first love ever since) and rekindling with this long time hobby and perhaps making this as a serious business this time. Nothing is more fulfilling, than writing.

So, basically this is a Lifestyle blog. I am going to feature random shiz, like everything that interest me, but also stuff that can somehow inspire you or give you ideas on a particular project or whatever that is. Anyhow, thank you for taking the time to read this out. Enjoy! ❤