Harry Potter 20th Anniversary!

So it has been 20 years already since Harry Potter was first published, but it’s been 16 years since I first followed it through! The first time the movie’s trailer broke, I knew that it’s going to be my shit. When the movie finally premiered, I remember I was not able to see its first screening because well, school. But then I asked my brother to watch it with me within the weekend, but for some reason, we were not able to because he chose to watch it with his then girlfriend, now wife. I could remember I was crying out of frustration and to top it up, I was not able to make it through its theater screening! But still managed to watch the film somehow, but it took me a month to actually see the movie itself.

I could still remember the feeling of awe excitement, like literally all the hair within my body are freakin’ raising within its first scene! Aahahaha! The whole movie was a whirlwind euphoric experience! It took a deep mark on me and everything significant about it (like that talking snake at the zoo and made its way out and who the heck could forget Daniel R’s cuteness! He eventually became my first Brit crush btw and became obsessed about him too, LOL!) just wouldn’t shake off my head! My mind got literally got stuck in its wonders! I just couldn’t stop talking about it in school! Since then, people at school literally considered me as a notorious Potterhead! Hahaha!

After I’ve watched the film, I decided to read the book series as well. I remember reading the book in our school library (all three at that time) ‘coz I couldn’t afford the book itself. Shiz man, out of that three, Prizoner of Azkaban happens to be my favorite! šŸ’– but then when other series of the book got released such as the Goblet of Fire up to the Deathly Hallows (was not able to finish reading the last book though), I then officially confirmed that amongst it all, Order of the Phoenix became my ultimate favorite! šŸ’–

I then pleaded to myself that I should watch every Harry Potter films in theaters and always find time for it regardless of what circumstances occurs, because I don’t want to feel that first frustration I had when I missed the first one. And so yeah, every “Potter Year” (Potter film releases), I always go by the theater and wait for long hours within that crazy long line just to be able to watch in an appropriate place. I wouldn’t mind because welp, it’s special. From Chambers of Secrets up to Deathly Hallows, I’ve watched it all in theaters. Couldn’t be more happier. šŸ™‚ Apparently, Harry Potter became a part of my life. ā¤

Anyways..just some special acknowledgement to the creator…

I couldn’t thank J.K. Rowling enough for all the wonderful works she have shared to the world! For me, her brilliance is too precious, mystical and other worldly that no other wild imagination could top up! Your work of art is indescribable! šŸ’–

Aaah would you believe, these collections are the only ones that survived? I’ve got tons of it back then but some were dispatched and shared to other relatives. These are 15-16 year-old memorabilias and collectibles! Haha!

These stickers, I bought them at school. The Dumbledore sticker with the Phoenix on it can actually be seen clearly when you rub it off with ice or cold water . šŸ™‚


But the pillows were bought by me and the other one was actually a gift from a high school classmate as an exchanging gift. Haha! People just knew how crazy I am about anything Harry Potter. Hahaha! šŸ’– Aaah such wonderful memories! šŸ’–


This is a 16 year-old pin given by an elementary friend who knew how crazy I am with Harry Potter. These people knew me so well. Haha! ā¤

P.S. Featured Photo is a painting by Robert Steen.

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