Kat’s Astrological Blog : 1st House Dominant (Short POV)

“True confidence lies within thyself, not through superficial praises.”

Most people who are 1st house dominant are no doubt the greatest achievers of all time. They are blessed with great stamina, strong will power and personal charisma. If these people used their innate abilities in a much more positive and practical manner, then the sky’s the limit and there is no amount as to what these people can achieve. They are certainly not passive and no chances or opportunities are taken for granted, as they are always on the move and most likely quite positive about it, since they are are direct and self-assured about their decisions in life. These natural attributes may have been the reason as to why they seem to always “win” in life.


The flip side expression of this energy is arrogance, impulsiveness and recklessness. People with such placement, especially having debilitated aspects to it, will come off as extremely self-absorbed, thinking they are the best and the rest are just well, a piece of shit and puny losers; but in all reality, the arrogant facade only goes to cover up the real insecurity they are feeling; since, the real struggle of people having such first house dominant placement is being constantly challenged to live up with their own, be true with themselves and be fearless about it. The other negative expression of this energy are impulsiveness and recklessness. Due to their very active nature, most of them don’t seem to have the time to contemplate and will always barge the task or decision on hand right away, leading to painful failed attempts. They just don’t seem to give a shit and just move on without any further thought with their actions. This same goes with blurting out their thoughts. However, Self-confidence is certainly a great trait that could help anyone tackle and bounce back from any difficulties in life, but expressing it in a healthy way would certainly make it more effective and powerful.


The only way they can live up with this first house path is to learn to believe themselves, go for the “kill” but not impulsively or tactlessly (sometimes you need to think through your actions so you wont look dumb or make stupid decisions constantly) and be a positive influence throughout the world.


p.s. all photos are from pexels.

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