Kat’s Love Bites : Why It Is Okay Not To Be Always Liked By The Person You Are Attracted To

We all have been through these infatuation stages, wherein we liked that one person that sweeps off our feet, as if they were the reason why we lived. Admit it, we even went through times that we certainly fantasized about them, to a point wherein you actually dreamed of being in their arms or perhaps experienced the romance you have always wanted with them. But heck, does it just sucks when life slaps you with reality and realized that all your romantic ideals and your fantasy about the person you are infatuated to turns out to be far from what you have expected? Wherein your love fantasy remained, well, a dream? It’s soul-crushing, isn’t it? I know, but here’s what you should keep in mind my dear friend, just because the other person does not like you back doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you, neither the latter. Let’s just say that you aren’t compatible and that you both are just different. God knows, but heck  life is a very complex and its up to us to accept that not everyone is intended for us. Welp, don’t fret my friends, because the thing is, there might be a better reason for all of it and here’s why…


The first stage of attraction is about superficial attraction, wherein you start liking the person because of how they look (facial features, body structure or how they carry themselves). If you are smitten, it is more likely you will find ways and grasp information to know more about the person. Unfortunately, there are people who are not capable of diving deep about their crush’s personality and get stuck of being attracted to their outer personality. It’s painful being rejected by the person you like, but once you find out that they aren’t as sweet or as cool as you think they are and turned out they are actual b*tchs and pr*cks, it becomes more comforting to know and perhaps you will even be more thankful that things turned out the way it is. If you pushed the attraction further, you might have gotten a cut. LOL.



Okay, let’s say things turned out in your favor because you forced your way in and the other person gave in as well. You ended up being together, but as time goes by, things have gone awry and both of you have already been abusing and tormenting each other. The damage done will cause life-long scars within you and made things a lot more worse for both of you. If you only let things flow in its natural way, things wouldn’t have ended so badly. That is why, if you don’t end up together, don’t dwell on it and let it go, because not all people you are drawn to are necessarily good for you.




Heck yeah! I totally believe in this because it has happened to me several times already. It’s all been proven. You all must know that when things aren’t going your way, it is because the things you like aren’t good for you. The UNIVERSE knows very well of our path and so it will find ways, such as intervening our plans, so that we don’t get astray. So when it comes to your love ideals, when you like someone and that person does not like you back, chances are, it’s the universe’s way of saying, “Bish, you better back off or you’re dead!”.  It’s life’s way of protecting us from possible destruction. Always remember that everything’s not lost when you face rejection. As the saying goes, there are many fishes in the sea. Have faith that there’s someone out there that is indeed born for you. Just be patient and it will come to you. ❤


Love should not be forced, as it will come naturally. If someone is intended for you, it will come to you in the right time.

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