Kat’s Food Ventures : Milk Cow Cebu

Since last year, I have been eyeing for the grand opening of Milk Cow in IT Park, Lahug, Cebu City. I was really excited for their opening, thinking it would be my new favorite snack spot after work. But then, alas! I resigned from the company I worked in and perhaps was not able to reach their official launch. I believe they opened the first Cebu site in November of last year, but it was just this year that I was finally able to visit the place. I could still remember the feeling when I first walked in the store, I felt so giddy inside that it made me look so awkward, like it’s pretty much obvious that I was too excited, like a freakin’ lil’ kid, haha! But heck, I was thinkin’, ” Yas! I can finally have my first taste of their soft serve organic ice cream.” Apparently, there I was, having my first order, ever! My first one was their best seller, the M3 or the Milky Cube. The ice cream was topped with their signature honey comb cube.

bfsehfyueM3 or Milky Cube

There, when I had my first try on it, its taste did spank off my fantasy! It did taste as I expected it to be! I was so happy, did not regret having it and perhaps did come back within the next day!

I got so hooked on the first try that I did not hesitate trying another flavor. The second time I visited, I ordered another house best seller, which is the M7, or the Macao Dream. The ice cream is filled with different toppings such as almonds and a Macaroon of my choice. So far, the toppings complimented well, especially the almond nuts.

hjksdfhdM7 or Macao Dream

After the second visit, it took a couple of weeks for me to get back, due to the very hectic schedule at work. The third visit was with a friend. After the second try, I told myself, in my third visit, I am going to try another variety from their menu. This time I opted for their shakes and other cold drinks. I had the Cookies and Cream shake

and also the Ice Salted Caramel Coffee.


So far both drinks are okay, but just not as addictive as their ice cream.


The verdict? I’d still opt for their original organic ice cream. Nothing beats the milkiness of it, even if you buy the plain ones, you’d still be enjoying it. 🙂


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