Kat’s Food Ventures : Cebu’s Best – Rico’s Lechon

Last February, when my uncle came over from the States, he drove the whole family to be with him on his food adventure trip. But of course, who doesn’t like experiencing different local cuisines? That’s food people, who says NO to it? So there we go, we went on with the adventure and tried out every local restaurant we could think of.

Today, I will be writing down the first restaurant we have been to. The whole family have always been planning to visit this restaurant, but for some reason, it always gets postponed, but thanks to my favorite Uncle, we were finally able to visit this place and taste this very savory iconic national food. I am talking about Cebu’s best lechon, the Rico’s Lechon.

Prior to its history, Rico’s Lechon started out as a commissary in Highway 77, Talamban, Cebu City, selling a whole lechon to customers who are celebrating special occasions. But 14 years later, they have finally expanded their business and opened several branches in Cebu.

So far, the Escario branch was the place we were able to visit to. When I first came in, I was in awe when I saw the interiors of the restaurant. It was so sophisticated, yet unique. I totally loved every bit of the place, that I have to take pictures to most of its areas.

IMG_4705First (left side) seating area of the restaurant. Looks like a vine yard restaurant.

IMG_4706The stairs on the way to the top floor. Another seating area. Did not get the chance to visit the area though. as you have noticed, the railings are  surrounded with pictures of the restaurant’s owner with the celebrity customers.

IMG_4704The counter area. Just look at that vine ornaments!

IMG_4703Aaaah my favorite area. Just look at that elegant and unique decorations, and oh the golden frames! Just lovely! Oh by the way, on the first picture, that is Enrico and the one and only megastar, Sharon Cuneta.

And so now we are done with the interiors, let’s get started with the food taste test! 😀


First off, let’s start with the appetizer. This one is their eggplant kinilaw. I must say, the smell is so strong, I hesitated to taste it at first. But heck, the salted egg made me want to try it, and so I did while trying to ignore the smell. Guess what? it tasted so good! Even the strong smell of the onion did not cover up the real taste of this side dish! Certainly a thumbs up for me!

Okay, so before the main course was served, they gave us this super cute kaldero. They are literally the mini version. I just though its distinctive, it’s the first time I saw this one though, so this impressed me.


And finally, for the main course, the bida of the handa, their ever best Lechon! We actually ordered two kinds of it, the regular and the spicy one (which is their best seller and their trademark lechon by the way). However they served the best first, and so the picture above is the spicy lechon. Man, I must tell you that their spicy lechon is literally the best! The meat is bursting with flavor and its pig’s skin is insanely crispy. Though it may be spicy, its not really bothering because of its flavor, such as the mixed spices, made it so tasty. If you plan to eat in here, I certainly suggest you order this one.


This one is their regular lechon. Though the meat is not so flavorful compared to the spicy one, the pig’s skin is still to die for. So crispy and somewhat addictively delectable.


And now for the dessert. Actually we ordered two kinds of desserts, the other one is a pandan tapioca cream (unfortunately I was not able to take a picture of it, the moment it arrived, people dived in it right away, so no chance of taking a picture of it, sad life) and this national dessert, the budbud or the sweet sticky rice covered with dark chocolate or as what we call tableya (picture above). I must say between the two, I preferred the pandan cream, as the sweetness of it is just right and the cream mixture is so luscious, you just can’t stop swooping on it. On the other hand, the budbud itself, is tasty as it is, however, its chocolate or tableya syrup is just too raw and bitter for my liking.

After my experience with Rico’s Lechon, I truly say that their lechon is indeed “Da Best Gyud”! For all the touristas who wants to taste the best of Cebu delicacies, then I suggest at least trying out their lechon and you will certainly not miss a thing about Cebu! 😉

For more inquiries about Rico’s Lechon, you can just visit their official website at http://ricoslechon.com/branches/ or you can follow them up on their social media sites:

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/RicosLechonOfficial/
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/RicosLechonOfficial/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/dabestgyud/



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