First blog post of the year : Drunken write-up

So, I was supposed to write down my first ever blog post since last January, accompanied with my ever attempt to YouTube vlogging. However, the perfectionist in me stepped back and worse, stopped as I have failed with my many attempts with the vlogging thing. It’s the frustration that stopped me, because it felt like it seemed all fckd up haha! Also, my new priorities made this goal harder to accomplish because of the schedule, top that with other important responsibilities (in which I prefer not to discuss, due to family request). However, there’s this urge or feeling within me that says that I should start working on my blog, since this has been taking too long already. It felt like something or someone’s waiting for me to get back on track and here I am now, working on it again, despite the hectic schedule.

Today, I will be writing down the summary of what has been happening within these past few months. Apparently, many interesting stuff has been going down with my life recently.

I wanted to start out with my “Sinulog” venture in the bukidz (urban side). I went into my brother’s humble class home and decided to spend Sinulog in there, with the purpose of experiencing the event in a more relaxing way (gor problems).


Well, hey-ho! As I arrived within the place, I did not expect the unexpected! LOL! Apparently, turns out the house was a party! It’s not serene, many people and such a way too jolly environment. Guess the Sinulog vibe did go after me! Haha!


However, despite the unexpected, I still enjoyed my stay since the place is festive and also met a couple of talented youngsters.

This gal, was the cousin of my brother-in-law’s girlfriend. She is such a talented lil’ Sag! (She’s a Sagittarius by the way) and she has really good venusian talents such as hair styling and makeup. Apparently, the kid grew up in a not so privileged family and because of her circumstances, she learned so many skills, that none of the girls of her age could have achieved. Thanks to her experiences, she became a talented gal that is ready to battle down and survive the real using such skills.

Here’s just some of her basic hair styling skills : Braids.



All in all, it’s quite a contemplative break, as I have learned so many things about certain situations in my immediate circle, as well as skills and some few things that could prove helpful in the long run. I learned to be a less selfish and playful, thanks to the babies I played with. 🙂



On the other hand, within the same month, another life changing event occurred, I finally found a new job and this time its a much more fulfilling job; more of like a shift in career.


I know, I’ve been through different jobs and have been skipping from company to company, but never find satisfaction and always wanting more. It seems like I always do not fit on every work environment I am in, not until today. I finally found the perfect job and company that finally met my ideals, creative and flexible. As some, it may be a pressure to them, but for me, oddly speaking, I do not feel the pressure, in fact I am so obsessed and extremely passionate about it. It’s like the job itself is my new lover. I am basically so hooked with it.

IMG_4722Photo from Blueberry Labs

I’ve been working tirelessly with it, even to a point that I only got to sleep 4 hours a day, but with the energy I had and with the love I had with my work, everything just feels right. The best thing about my work environment is that most of the people in there are intelligent and professional, they aren’t just petty, they just focus what’s best and NECESSARY. They love sharing ideas and don’t mind teaching you despite how much it will take. Their focus is for you to LEARN. All I could say is, I am thankful that I was able to work in such environment and tasks, as it helped me gained new skills that will surely be helpful with my long term goals.

Though I had over the top passion and inspiration with my work, I also went into a point where I got so drained, my body just stopped, like literally dulled and dumbed down. It was so painful, as I wanted to work so hard but my body won’t just permit it and wants me to rest. The issue got worst, when the performance evaluation came in and the results were just fckd up, me and my other colleagues were ranked unfairly. I thought at first, it was some sort of a personal “vengeance” who ever made it, however it turns out to be a very bad mistake, though everything went to normal, still it felt shitty. Things just got out of hand and it was so extremely depressing on my part. Lesson learned? Never be too attached on things, because it if goes awry, you will surely face flat on the floor and sulk to death.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset


As much as I wanted to write down other pivotal events, I could not since my close family members begged not to, as it is also necessary that we keep some privacy on some things that does not need to be exposed. Currently, went on a rough ride, everyone around me is in a rocky road phase in their life. But no matter how shitty life is, it must go on; as we all it’s just like a wheel, every down step will eventually end and go straight up into a better circumstance.

Always remember that in every obstacle, there’s something to be learned from it, like the things we skipped that turns out to be a significant thing in our life’s processes.



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